La Dauphine Production inc.

Theatre Performance
11 November 2022

Théâtre Rouge du Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Montréal - 16h à 17h30

Crossing the boundaries of age, gender, and ethnicity in its collective authorship, AALAAPI | ??? enriches our lives with a nuanced understanding of contemporary Inuit experience. Combining the aesthetics of theatre and radio, the project takes us to the North. The focus is on two women living in Nunavik; over a long arc, we watch their lives play out. A radio is the centrepiece in their domestic setting, and through it come the sounds of an audio documentary. We listen along with the women, and eventually the broadcast comes under scrutiny in a process informed by ethical and political concerns. We invite the spectator of Aalaapi to adopt a rare quality of listening. This endeavour is the first step towards a real encounter.

La Messe Basse/Collectif Aalaapi

Nancy Saunders - Actor

Ulivia Uviluk - Actor

Represented by
Laurence Dauphinais La Dauphine Production inc.