Futur is now

Sheenah Ko

Music Performance
09 November 2022

Le National - Between 10 pm and 11:30 pm

Futur is now is a luminous adventure of vaporous pop, sometimes psychedelic, passing through portions closer to ecstatic dance, suffused with a jazz spirit that leaves room for the improvisation of the musicians. The group of five musicians, each more virtuoso than the other (Sheenah Ko, Christian Sean, Sola Nkani, Mélissa Labbé, David Simard) transport us to a symbiosis that draws the public and the artists into the same bubble, in order to share a moment glowing festive. For those who like to smile, applaud, dance and let themselves be transported to a unique and stunning universe.

Sheenah Ko - Singer

Mélissa Labbé - Percussionist

Sola Nkani - Singer

Christian Sean - Bass player

David Simard - Other

Represented by
Pascale Paradis UNI musiqc