Graveyards and Gardens

Action at a Distance

Canada / États Unis
Multidisciplinary Arts Performance
10 November 2022

Centre Pierre-Péladeau — Salle Pierre-Mercure - 18 pm

"Graveyards and Gardens" is a collaborative performance installation conceived, created and performed by composer Caroline Shaw and choreographer Vanessa Goodman with lighting design by James Proudfoot and audio design by Eric Chad and Kate De Lorme. Co-produced by Shaw and Goodman, this new work examines memory as a process of reconstruction rather than an exact recall of fixed events, embracing the various elaborations, distortions, and omissions.
"A dance. A concert. A curious analogue driven performance experience. A visual and sonic album of reconstructed memories and distortions. Revealed in an immersive environment of nature and technology. The warm glow lure of antiquated innovations and embodied experience. It’s a living album that continues to fold and unfold into itself. Digging deep into the beauty of how the body remembers."
Text quoted from Nicole Mion

Vanessa Goodman - Choregrapher

Caroline Shaw - Musician

Represented by
Brent Belsher Belsher Arts Management