ONE, MY Utopia!

Jungmin Seo

Corée du Sud
Music Performance
09 November 2022

Le National - Between 10 pm and 11:30 pm

Liminality: The holy and religious moment experienced by humans in the space and behavior normally considered to be taboos.

The subconscious utopia created by Jungmin Seo through Jeollado gut! Jungmin Seo reinterprets what she discovered through local study of Jeollado gut continued to this day through her own perspectives and creates a new stage (space, world) separated from everyday lives, inviting the audience to the newly created stage. With the refreshing combination of an organ, 25-string gayageum, shaman song, and percussion, the topic melody of “subconscious utopia recognized by Jungmin Seo” is expanded. Finally, a utopia is presented through impromptu and repetition.

Yulhee Kim - Singer

Jungmin Seo - Other

Byoungwook You - Percussionnist

Represented by
Hyeri Jung Jungmin Seo
Jungmin Seo Production AN