Bon Débarras

Canada (Québec)
Music Performance
11 November 2022

Le National - Between 10 pm and 11:30 pm

This show highlights the reference points and core values that Bon Débarras has relied on for its creative process since its beginnings. Identity bearings, geographical markers, linguistic and cultural reference points – these are “repères” in French. The trio relies also on various inner hideouts, dens or “repaires”, multifaceted references forged through encounters, travels and life experiences. Their repères – milestones and markers – anchor solidly the band’s music in Quebec traditions while giving it a touch of the world around the corner. From their repaires – hideaways, havens of refuge –, they come out with a renewed energy irresistibly calling for dancing!

Dominic Desrochers - Singer

Jean-François Dumas - Singer

Véronique Plasse - Singer

Represented by
Mélanie Cloutier Productions de l'onde