After a year of suspended animation for the worldwide performing arts community, the various vaccine campaigns undertaken around the world right now give us hope of a gradual reinstatement of our activities.

This coming May 2021, it is of paramount importance that we gather together as performing arts professionals, so that we can maintain our international relationships, as well as envision together the road ahead. Indeed we are, in the next few months, at a critical juncture if we are to prepare a constructive and well-thought-out recovery.

Despite the fact that CINARS’ 19th Biennale cannot take place in its usual format this year, we have sought to maintain an international conference of the performing arts in its virtual form: CINARS Web 2021. This online and fully customized event will offer opportunities to dialogue, debate and especially gather during four days of coming together, celebrating creativity and partaking in networking activities.

During this CINARS Web 2021, you will indeed have the opportunity to maintain and broaden your network. We will be offering several workshops and round table discussions dedicated to various territories, so that we may discover new emerging trends. As well, we will be taking this opportunity to redefine together the international dissemination of the performing arts. We will offer pitchs sessions (those that are ready to tour and those that are at the creation stage). In our virtual conference, you will be able to partake in the virtual exhibition hall, as well as have targeted and customized professional meetings, thanks to our introduction algorithm based on common interests. As a brand-new feature for 2021, a speed-networking system will also be available, facilitating those chance encounters that can lead to fruitful business relationships.

We are looking forward to seeing you again from May 25 through May 28 and we suggest that you register now to take advantage of our Early Bird discount!


Still have a few questions about CINARS Web?

Here is our FAQ section:

1. Does this CINARS Web replace the 19th CINARS Biennale?

The CINARS Biennale cannot take place in person in Montreal in its usual form. We have therefore decided to present an entirely virtual event instead, CINARS Web, which will take place from May 25 through May 28, 2021. It will be made available to all agents, artistic companies and show presenters from all around the world. The programming for CINARS Web 2021 will maintain several elements from the CINARS Biennale, while adding many new features and enhancements.

2. How can I participate in CINARS Web?

A registration is required to participate in CINARS Web. Simply fill out a registration form and pay the registration fee before May 2, 2021. If you wish to take advantage of the Early-Bird reduced rate, you must register before April 15, 2021. For the different rates in effect, the various deadlines and registration forms, please consult the Registration and Rates section.

3. Once I am registered, can I attend the entirety of the activities offered as part of CINARS Web?

Yes. However, your registration on CINARS Web does not automatically sign you up to the entirety of the activities presented. We suggest that you reserve your spot by selecting the activities on the CINARS platform in which you wish to participate. Tutorials on navigating the CINARS Web platform will soon be available in the section CINARS Web Platform.

4. What would a day online look like?

Every day, we suggest that you create your own route. You can schedule B2B networking sessions, designed to expand your network with customized meeting opportunities. You can attend targeted and inspiring conferences, as well as view pitch sessions from the four corners of the Earth that cover every discipline. You can take part in speed-networking, peruse or exhibit your work in a virtual exhibition hall available around the clock, to name a few features. A detailed schedule for CINARS Web will be available soon in the Schedule section.

5. When will the program be announced?

We will be unveiling the pitch sessions program on April 7, the various conferences offered on April 14 and the complete schedule will be shortly announced. Details regarding the activities offered will be available in the Program section.

6. Will I be able to contact the participants?

Yes. The platform used during CINARS Web gives you the opportunity to meet performing arts professionals. A digital appointment planner, instant messaging, as well as private video calls are part of the tools put at your disposal in order to develop your network. A virtual exhibition room will also be available. A speed-networking system will be one of the new features of the 2021 edition.

7. Is my registration personal and non-transferable?

Yes, each registration is non-transferable and cannot be used by a third party.

8. Can I be reimbursed if I cannot attend CINARS Web?

All registrations are non refundable.

9. Has the selection process for the pitch sessions already been completed?

Projects have already been selected and the pitch sessions programming is now complete. It will be announced on April 7.

10. In which language will be presented the various activities of CINARS Web?

All the activities will be available in English and French.

11. Will there be an OFF CINARS during CINARS Web?

The OFF CINARS will not be present during CINARS Web 2021. However, from one’s exhibition booth, companies may promote their shows as well as share a link to a video.

12. Can I re-use the booth that I configured for CINARS Web 2020?

The Swapcard hub does not allow you to for reuse your booth. Therefore, the information for your booth must be filled out again. However, the information contained in your profile has been saved and can be reused.

13. How can I place an advertisement in CINARS Web and what are the advantages?

CINARS Web is one of the principal international crossroads for all the main players in the performing arts scene. Last November, close to 800 participants, including 300 show presenters hailing from 50 different countries, came together for a week to partake in meetings, as well as peruse the content on our platform.

Promoting your organization on the home page of the CINARS Web hub constitutes an excellent exposure opportunity. Indeed, it ensures that you will be seen by the entirety of the participants.

Our newsletter will be sent daily to all the participants during the event, or to our entire international network of 30,000 professionals, depending on the date it is sent. Several options are available and advertising at CINARS Web constitutes a wonderful exposure opportunity.

Discover our wide range of options in the Advertising section !

14. When will the CINARS Web platform be open?

The platform will be open to all the participants a week before the event, on May 17, 2021. As for exhibitors, they can set up their booth as of May 10, and until May 16, 2021.

We will keep this section up to date upon the opening of the plateform.

For all other inquiries, please feel free to contact us at

CINARS Web Platform

The CINARS Web platform aims to offer you a real experience.

A dynamic crossroads, our platform will allow you to immediately access the entire CINARS Web program.

From your previously personalized page, you will be able to dialogue, as well as meet with professionals via a customized introduction system, based on participants’ common interests. You will be able to participate in a speed-networking session, discover new artists, thanks to our project presentation sessions. Furthermore, you will be able to take part in many workshops, manage your planner, as well as your meetings via the platform. The entire content of CINARS Web will be accessible from the platform.

There is no need to click on anything or to download another application, everything is accessible to you in one convenient location.

If you wish to set up a virtual booth in the exhibit hall as a company or artistic agency, you will be able, much like with a physical booth, to broadcast your promotional video, share your promotional documents, chat with visitors via instant messaging, as well as organize meetings.

The platform will be accessible to participants a week before the start of the event on May 17 2021.


The CINARS Web offers different advertising opportunities that provide exposure for artistic companies and organizations that wish to stand out from the rest of the participants during and after the event. Many opportunities suited for all budgets.

Click HERE to discover all the advertising opportunities.

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